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The following Terms of use (hereafter referred to as “Agreement”) is applies to all sorts of legal relationships and liabilities arising as a result of the association of Microtics (Info Science labs Corporation) and the entity or the person (“Venue” or “you”) creating an access for Microtics’s services for either personal or business use. If an individual is using Microtics on behalf of any organization then this user agreement is directly entered into by the organization. Hereafter, all references to “venue” or “you” reference such individuals or organizations responsible for creating access accounts for Microtics.

This agreement permits any individual willing to access Microtics’s services and use it for business and other individual purposes, with the condition that the individual or the organization agrees to the terms of use mentioned in this page. These terms are applicable to any interaction the user has with Microtics’s services in any form. These terms also set the basic legal ground to how the services would be delivered and to what extent Microtics’s legal liability extends.

This agreement governs the use of Microtics’s services from the “Effective date” and beyond. The effective date mentioned is the date one day earlier to the entity’s (individual or person) use of our services by means of any kind of sustaining online interaction. As used in this agreement, “Microtics” legally refers to its holding company Info Science Labs Corporation. From time to time these terms may get updated, hence the users are required to visit this page frequently to make sure that you still comply with our updated terms. The individuals or organizations entering into an agreement with Microtics would be notified when the terms are supposed to be updated.

By continuing to use our services, you confirm to accept the terms and conditions mentioned in this page and that you agree to be legally bound by all the clauses mentioned in this page. By continuing, you agree that this document and the terms mentioned is legally binding to all the future interactions, disputes, etc. that may occur in the future and that this document would serve as the legal framework to solve any such altercations going forward.


Microtics provides software service and maintenance assistance to subscribing individuals or organizations. The services are designed to allow venue administrators to manage bookings efficiently and through a single platform without where everything relating to bookings is kept arranged in one place. Our services can be used by both directly from the venue users through a website or any platform provided by Microtics. The venue administrators are also at the liberty of exporting their venue data to some third-party platforms supported in our integrations.

All of our services are provided on a subscription basis. This subscription is automatically renewed at the end of the period, but it is onto the user to decide when to cancel the subscription. The venue administrators are supposed to access Microtics’s services solely for the purpose mentioned in the subscription agreement which is in accordance with the terms mentioned in this document. In any case of a mutual information exchange between Microtics and the venue administrators, if API keys or passwords are exchanged then the admins are required to keep all the information strictly private and confidential. The venued administrators would be responsible for any actions that are taken using the API keys and passwords provided to them. If the actions are subject to jurisdiction then the venue admins would be held legally responsible for the same. It is onto the venue administrators to let its affiliates, employees and contractors (someone who isn’t directly associated with the organization) to serve as administrators for managing the bookings. In such case, actions taken under such accounts would be the sole responsibility of the venue administrators.

Venue administrators shall not rent, lease or distribute in any form the sub-license to our services and access to our API to any third-party for financial benefits. No subscriber shall attempt to reverse engineer Microtics’s codebase and any attempt to replicate our copyrighted technology would be met with subsequent legal action.

If a trial subscription is provided to any venue administrator, then in accordance with the terms mentioned in this page the administrators are allowed to use Microtics’s premium features for the given amount of time agreed to with Microtics. These type of offers and trial subscriptions are only permitted so the venue owners can decide whether to purchase our services for the long term or not. If after the subscription period, the venue decided not to continue with our services then access to those would be immediately suspended. Microtics reserves the right to cancel the trial at any given time for any reason it feels viable. Microtics would not have any indemnity, support or warranty, any obligations for that matter with respect to Trial subscriptions.

The information that is posted on the sub-domain provided to the venue administrators are the sole responsibility of the said party. This information is managed exclusively by the venue and Microtics does not guarantee the truthfulness and integrity of that information. We’d like to state that we carefully monitor the information that is being posted on our platforms to prevent venue uses from any scams, but we do not hold any legal obligation to do so. The falsity of information, if detected would be on the shoulders of the venue administrators completely.


The venue administrators will retain the rights (including all the royalty and intellectual property rights) to all the data points that is being exchanged between Microtics and the venue administrator, subject to the terms in this agreement. By agreeing to this document and continuing to use our services, the venue in such condition grants Microtics, the right to use, modify, analyze and replicate the data which is uploaded on our servers as a result of services being used, for the purpose of increasing the quality of the services provided to the user.

Microtics as a result of provision of services to the users would be storing the data as a result of the information exchange on our platform. Microtics will not intentionally delete the data from any of the servers prior to the termination of the subscription with out product. Microtics will keep the venue data for a best possible time of 7 years after which the data will be periodically deleted. Booking logs would be automatically deleted after 90 days, unless the venue has made special provisions with us to be able to retain the data.

The Venue is in totality is responsible for the integrity and accuracy of the information that is displayed on the website of the venue. The venue administrators by agreeing to these terms also warrant that they comply with the necessary rules and bindings to collect such data and also grant this right to Microtics as mentioned in section 3.1. It also confirms that the venue agrees that no such data collection infringes any third-party intelligence or objects any laws, making it subject to jurisdiction. The venue administrators would be completely responsible for the data that is being submitted to Microtics and submitting it to us would mean that there is users’ unambiguous consent for Microtics to store and use such information.

The venue administrators, by agreeing to these terms given their consent that they will not use our platform to collect, process or transmit any data which is characterized as sensitive personal information. The collection of payment card information is permitted within our dedicated payment integration service. This also required venue to acknowledge that Microtics is not a payment-card processor of raw information and the PCI DSS compliance lies solely on the third-party application that is being used for the payment gateway. We assure that we take our best efforts to make sure our integrations are compliant with the best protocols, but we do not take any legal obligation to do so.

By agreeing to these terms, the venue administrators acknowledge that the Microtics platform causes everyone who has access to the website to be able to use the venue for the booking. Venue must include a privacy policy on the sub-domain provided to them or on their own website that completely states their role on data collection through third-party platforms. It is also required that the venue must also explicitly state their cookies policy while accessing our services. In any case, venue would be responsible for collecting all the types of consents from its users (individuals who would be booking the venue for use) regarding data collection under applicable laws. These disclosures mentioned on the section should be communicated to the users from the venue administrators and a public documentation should be made for the same.

By continuing to use our services, the venue administrators agree that Microtics may obtain and aggregate technical and user data arising from the use of our services. The nature of the data would be not personally identifiable otherwise termed as Anonymous data. It also recognizes that Microtics may use the data accumulated in this way for analysis of its services and improve the user experience of Microtics’s platform overall.

Security and Bookings

Microtics agrees to use preventive measures to tackle any data and security breaches and other related issues. We at Microtics are dedicated to using the latest standards of security for our data management and over the cloud deployment applications. However, from a legal perspective, Microtics will have no liability for any error in data transmission which is beyond our direct control.

Microtics provides payment integration options for venues who accept bookings using our services. This result in sensitive payment information being transmitted over the Microtics network. More importantly, in all cases where a payment-card information is transmitted, it is directly transferred to the payment gateway which is in use. After the payment information is securely inot the gateway, Microtics does not allow the venue to issue another payment from the same card on its own. Furthermore, Microtics cannot control the data once it is in the payment gateway and hence by using the services the user is agreeing to the terms and policies of the venue administrators regarding their handling of the payment information hereby received.

If the card details are entered for a booking into Microtics’s servers, we’ll verify the card and account details and check whether the supposed amount can be successfully deducted from the account. This is achieved via the facilities provided by our integrations which abide by industry standard SSL protocols. This does not result in any funds being deducted formt he user’s card but some users cepending on their bank and country may see a temporary monetary authorization on their bank account for a small non-zero amount, which will be deleted after the account has been verified. Sensitive account information never gets stored on the servers that Microtics is associated with.

If a booking is confirmed from the user and the venue both then that booking is “Locked-in”. This booking cannot be cancelled from user side on its own without any administrative access to our platform. There is a specific time window that each venue can set according to their own liking and the users are allowed to cancel their bookings before that time window closes. Such stringent cancellation and lock-in policies have to be maintained in order to achieve a secure platform which is free from false positives in case of bookings.

Regarding the visibility of bookings and the logs of current and previous bookings, it depends on the venue whether to make it public or not. The venue administrators can decide whether the current and previous booking details on the venue would be made visible to the general public using the venue sub-domain. By making a booking at any time, you agree that your booking details may be made public if the venue administrators feel viable to do so. These details include, your booking name, the organization you belong to (if any) and spaces and time of your booking along with your booking title. Microtics will not be responsible for any consequences occurring as a result of these booking details being displayed publicly. We suggest you contact the venue management first before making any confirmation on your booking, should you have any queries.

Third Party Platforms

Our services support integrations through various third-party applications. To manage such bookings well, the venue may be required to generate a certain set of access enabling credentials in which Microtics would help. With continuing the use of such services, the venue administrators consent the access of their accounts with such third-party services to Microtics. Microtics is not responsible for the integrity of the venue’s account on such third-party applications and the sole responsibility of it including any probable damages occurring from it lies completely with the venue administrators. Microtics reserves the right to disable currently available integrations with or without prior notice to the venue.

Microtics is not liable for any processing charges or penalties imposed on the venue administrators by the payment providers integrated with Microtics (Stripe, etc.). These penalties thus incurred would have to be paid off by the venue administrators to continue using the payment integration feature on our services.


After subscribing to our services, the venue administrators can start accessing and using our services from the effective date with a recurring subscription term for one month. Each subscription is automatically renewed until the termination date is reached and might recur for a number of subscription cycles before reaching the termination date. The termination date can either be the date at which the venue’s administrators close the account with Microtics or date from which Microtics is no longer available to provide the services to the user without obstacles. For such events, Microtics would give prior notices to the venue admins. The venue admins can also view the status of their subscription from the dashboard at their disposal.

By providing payment information and selecting any of our available membership plans, the said venue hereby authorizes Microtics to deduct the supposed subscription fee from the payment card provided every month on the date of renewal, or on one particular day in the year in case of yearly payment plans. Microtics is therefore granted the permission to charge the required processing fees incurred as a result of accepting payments from a third-party gateway. The amount charged at the end of every month or at the start of a new month might vary depending on the type of services that the user chooses to add to their subscription. The venue administrators also acknowledge that if foreign transaction fees apply to your card then it should be incurred by you (venue administrators). If a card is not authorized to make payments for whichever reason then Microtics has to liberty to directly contact the venue administrators for the payment, continuously send billing requests to the said card and also terminate the agreement and the subscription, should the subscriber fail to renew by making proper payment. If the venue wants to change their billing cards, then it can be done from the admin settings on our page.

If the paid subscription is due for renewal and there is no response from the venue administrators for more than 3 days, then Microtics reserves the right to terminate the account without prior notice to the venue administrator.

Term and Durations

The terms mentioned in this page and the agreement that this page constitutes expires on the termination date of the association of Microtics with venue administrators as mentioned in the sections above. This termination may be a result of either party being unable to satisfy the requests or demands of the other party or cure a breach of the terms mentioned in this agreement or if any party seeks protection under calamitic happenings such as bankruptcy, trust deed, etc. If such a happening is not revoked under 60 days, then the either part may decide to terminate the subscription agreement.

Upon a termination in the subscription contract with Microtics, the venue administrators shall cease to use any of our services for monetary profits in any ways with immediate effect. The venue administrators are required to delete any documentation that could be used to reverse engineer or reproduce any of our used services. The venue administrators are supposed to return any confidential information in their possession and delete their access to all of our services. This termination would mean that no data inputs from the venue administrators shall be entertained from Microtics.


Microtics assures that every provisional service would operate under its own agreement which would be a direct subset of terms mentioned in this agreement. The sole liability that Microtics would assume as a warranty for its services would be to use economically reasonable efforts to reduce and/or nullify the damage incurred from the reported mishappening within the service. If Microtics deems the damage incurred or the bug in the service that caused the damage, as impractical to fix, then the venue is at its own liberty to terminate the contract with Microtics and in such case a cost refund will be provided to the venue administration for any prep-paid services. This limited warranty mentioned in this section would not apply if the venue does not complain about the glitch in service within 30 days of first encountering the bug. This warranty would also not hold if the error was cause by any misuse or user error or modifications on the user-level from the venue side.

Except for the conditions mentioned in the above section for services provided Microtics, all other services are provided “AS IS”. Microtics or its suppliers do not make any warranties in expressive or implied form statutory or otherwise, warranties including but not limited to those of merchantability, perfectness for a particular purpose or noninfringement. We do not claim that the use of our services by venue administrators or their secondary users making the bookings will be error free but we do assure that we take all the necessary steps to achieve optimal functionality. Microtics shall not be liable for any communications sent or received through its channels including the damages occurring from it. Microtics shall not be held liable for any errors in its services resulting from a third-party integration and all other errors which are beyond the reasonable control of Microtics.


Except for the excluded claims mentioned in the section below, no party shall be liable for any damage and remedy favor to the other party arising from any loss of data, security breaches or any incidental or consequential damages arising due to any reliance. This holds even if the either parties were alerted of the upcoming damage before. In a case where Microtics is held liable for any damages to the venue in accordance with this agreement, the liability is limited to the amount paid to Microtics by the venue administrators during the prior twelve (12) months from the date when legal liability is accepted.

Excluded claims mentioned in the above section mean any claims that arise due to the venue breaching the general obligations mentioned in the above sections of these agreement. Such claims can also arise by venue failing to satisfy its duties towards its end users.


By continuing to access our services, the venue administrators agree all the code of business, know-how and conditions of confidential information exchange and agree that they would not disclose, such sensitive information shared between Microtics and the venue, publicly. A confidential piece of information would constitute any information which is classified as confidential and proprietary at the time of its disclosure or if the nature of the information suggests the same. Any performance related information and sensitive information about API would be considered as confidential information without any context and the venue administrators by agreeing to these terms validate the fact they would abide by our confidentiality clauses and not share such confidential information with any third-party or any other related or unrelated organization or individual.


In case of any dispute between Microtics and any venue administration which has been in association with our services for a certain period of time, the dispute shall be taken to a court and the decision it takes would be final and binding to both the parties. This agreement would serve as the legal groundwork for further arguments and statements. Microtics cannot be held responsible for anything which is not explicitly mentioned in this contract agreement. Microtics would prefer to solve all the disputes via Direct dispute resolution between the parties not involving the court. In a case where such a resolution is not possible, then the matter shall be taken to a court which controls over such information exchange in that geographical area or any suitable international court. Microtics agrees to co-operate with legal bodies in case the venue is detected of any legal breach and would supply the venue data to the legal bodies if Microtics seems the cause worthwhile.

For clarification on anything not mentioned in this agreement, we insist you to reach out to us and get your doubts solved as the email correspondence will also serve as a valid legal piece in case of any dispute. For more information on our Terms of Use and answer to any of your specific doubts please contact us at the following address:

8 The Green, Ste A, Dover, DE 19901, USA.

Last updated on: 16 December, 2020