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Microtics respects the privacy of its users and is dedicated towards protecting the security of the data it collects about its users. If you are visiting the corporate website of Microtics or using any of our paid subscription services, then this privacy policy as mentioned in this document applies to your use of such service and visit of the website. By continuing to be on our website and using our services in any manner, you knowingly acknowledge the conditions mentioned in this page as part of our privacy policy and agree that this document is would be a legal framework for any future dispute that may occur in future. You also give your consent for our use and sharing of your information in the ways mentioned on this page. Our services are not intended for minors under the age of 13 and we insist them to not submit any personal information through our platforms.

If you are the visitor or the user of a community space which uses Microtics’s services, then any information you submit to that venue will be indirectly collected by Microtics for security purposes. For more information on how the data you enter on the venue frontpage is collected by Microtics, we suggest you contact with the venue management.

Furthermore, in this Privacy Policy, the terms “Microtics”, “We”, “Us” refers to the holding company of Microtics, Info Science Labs Corporation. The “website” means the official landing page of Microtics which serves as the corporate front of the company and “services” refer to all of the propreitry services provided by Microtics as part of its subscription.

What does this cover?

This privacy policy gives an insight as to how we treat personally identifiable information (“Personal data”) that is collected by us as a virtue of providing services to our customers and partners. Personally identifiable information means any information, which in entirety can be used to identify or track down a certain individual from a group of people, just by analyzing that single piece of information. This includes data such as, housing address, email address, contact number, name, etc.

Data that we collect

When any individual visits our website and decides to sign up for our services, we collect data such as their name, email addresses, contact number, organization they belong to (if any), etc. This information can be collected by us through various other resources such as your participation in a survey conducted by the company or your prior interaction with our services in any form or method. When you register for a paid subscription or do a booking for a venue using any of the sub-domains given to our partner venue administrators, then as a result of you making the payment through a payment gateway, we collect your payment information having details such as payment card information, billing address, name, etc. This information is described as “Payment information”, going ahead in the document. Our website automatically collects the information about the nature of your interaction with our website. This is termed as “Log data”. This data helps us in understanding where different users of our services are situated, and which platform do most of our users use for accessing our website and services. We use third party services in the form of cookies on our websites to collect some of the mentioned information above.

Our partners managing the venue or venue administrators may submit personal data of their users to us for analysis purposes. We provide booking insights from that data to the venue managers. This “User data” might include information such as name, email address, contact numbers for primary key identifiers and booking information such as number of bookings, space used, time, frequency, etc. for analysis purposes. In order to know more about how the venue uses its data we recommend, if you are a user of the space provided by the venue, to contact the venue administration for more details. We will only use and disclose venue data and its user data according to the provisions set forth in this agreement.

We may be required to retain thee data you submit directly or indirectly to us in some form to satisfy the need behind collecting that data or just to meet legal obligations in some cases. We will only retain data, if it is in good interest of the services that we provide and that there are no legal clauses which would prevent us from storing such data. We store booking or audit logs for a maximum of 90 days. We store booking information such as the aggressor in the booking and the title, price and frequency for a period of 7 years. Server and other logs are stored for a maximum time of 90 days and Database backups are stored for a maximum time of 35 days before a new and fresh backup is created, discarding the older one.

How do we use collected data?

We use your personal data to verify identity by means of sending your information over the internet to various authentication mechanisms. We use your personal data for giving insights to our venues and help them in concentrating their resources efficiently. Your data helps us in managing bookings, communicating interactions (including updates and cancellations for a particular booking) and to log audit information about your bookings. Your data also helps us to manage our services and improve any errors that are present, which increases the overall functionality of our products. For customer service, we require your data to handle your grievance. Your data is used to authenticate payments. The data we collect about you also helps us in keeping an eye on the legitimate use of our services and prevent illegal activities. Your data helps us to optimize our services and keep it error free. By analyzing the data that we collect, we are able to see the patterns in interaction that our users perpetrate and so it helps in fine-tuning our services. We also collect data in order to communicate our latest offers and updates about our services including changes to important aspects of the association of the user with the company such as changes to the privacy policy and Terms of use. If we are collecting the data for reasons other than those mentioned in this document, then we shall notify you about it at the time of collecting that data. For venue administrators, the people who would visit our corporate landing page to sign-up for our services, we might track your interaction with our website by using technologies such as Cookies and other third-party services. This may be used to provide user-specific internet-based advertisements to anyone who visits our page which such intention as mentioned above.

Sharing your data

We only share and use your personal data in the circumstances mentioned in this document. All other cases would be shared with the users via email or other means of communication. We may share your data with our partner third parties to enable them to provide us with the services we require to keep our service. For venue administrators, we may provide venue’s details to our associated third parties in order for us to receive essential business intelligence and services from them. All the third parties that are associated with us are required to satisfy certain criteria for improving data security and transaction handling and comply with applicable laws. We might share your data with our partners when we truly believe that sharing such information is necessary to maintain the stability of the service and improve its overall quality, or to satisfy a legal regulation or law or to administer a customer agreement. We might share your information in case we are at a threat of our privacy and also that of our users including the venue users and venue administrators. We may share your data with subsequent parties to detect any fraudulent accounts and security threats to the service. We may be required to share your payment details for verifying the transaction. In case of any merger or acquisition of Microtics with any other organization, your data will be transferred as well. Furthermore, in all other cases, we may share your data with anyone if we have your prior consent to do so.

Coming to aggregated information, which means that no single person can be identified individually from that information, we may share such information with our third-party partners to gather insights such as type of services most in use, age groups of our customers, geographical location, computer configurations, performance analysis, etc. If by a law, we are required to treat tis aggregated data as personally identifiable, then we shall notify the user and ask for consent before actually sharing the information.

Payment information

Whenever a user buys access to our services or renews his access or makes a booking on any one of the venues using our services, it requires an online payment to confirm the booking in most of the cases. If an online payment is required and such payment is made through our service, then we collect the payment information and our payments providers use it to confirm the payment. We never receive or store your entire payment card information. All our payment services are PCI-DSS compliant. (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

Disclosure of your Information

It is probable that during the provision of our services to you, we might link up some third -party websites for your assistance. This privacy policy only applies to the information which is collected by us. Even if the websites are on our service and we provide links to them, but the information that is collected from those websites is not governed under this privacy policy and so isn’t anything that happens as a result of that. We suggest you read the privacy policy of such websites first before you provide any personally identifiable information. We suggest you contact the associated venues in order to get a clear understanding of how third-party websites may collect your information and data.

Rights and Controls

On some occasions, we might provide you with an option to opt-out of the process of sharing your information with us. The downside to this will be that you will not be able to use certain features of our services. You can also select to block cookies and other plugins we use, but if you do so some features of our services might not work properly.

If you are an EEA or Switzerland resident, you are entitled to all the subsequent rights once GDPR becomes effective in your case. Kindly not that we may require certain documents to confirm your identity and nationality. Please refer to our GDPR compliance notice for more details.

Modifications to your data

While using our services, you have complete access to your personal data. At any point in time, you may wish to delete or modify your personal information which includes data such as your name, password and other login information, your email address, your affiliation (if any), contact number, payment card information, etc. You may access, update or review your information at any time. We request you to send us an official email should you wish to perform any altercations to your account. We may decline your requests to delete or modify your data if we find the cause unreasonable. In most of the cases we will allow the information modification/deletion but if we ever have a strong legal ground to retain your information then we may wish to keep that information with us. This section would serve as the main legal framework in our defense, leading us to retaining your information.

Once your personal data is deleted, in accordance with our policies mentioned your data may still be in our servers for a period depending upon the type of your data, once it has been deleted from our main database. If as a part of provisioning the service to you, we enter into any agreement with a third-party about sharing your information then after you approach for an information deletion practice, we assure that we would make an effort from our side to the third party to delete your information that might exist on their database. Note that once you cease to use our services, you are no longer eligible to raise a concern about deleting your information from our servers. We may use your personal data to act as a support for the services that we provide and to comply with our obligations under law. The content that we receive through transactions is still under our access even if you delete your account, or have your personal information deleted from our servers.


We value the security or your data at Microtics. That is why, we have industry-leading, top-tier security technologies functioning to secure our on-air transactions and prevent data breaches. We limit the access to your personal information to only those personnel in our company who really need access to such data to perform their tasks. We use industry standard encryption protocols combined with our own security measures to make sure that the valuable data of our users is not compromised. Although, we assure that best measures are taken to secure your data and transaction but as it goes, Tiemtble does not completely guarantee the security of your information. As an account holder with Microtics, we would suggest you take preventive measures to restrain unauthorized access to your account by having a strong password and signing off every time you complete a session with us. If we do become aware that any data breach has occurred and security is compromised, we will notify you about this development at the earliest realistically possible hour in the heat of the situation.

This Privacy policy would serve as a legal document if ever required in Microtics’s defense in case of any legal dispute. Keeping up with the developments in this world, we might be required to change some sections in this policy from time to time. We will update our users whenever we perform such changes. We advise you to keep visiting this page for any changes to our Privacy policy.

If you have any doubt regarding our privacy policy and if you think that your grievance is not addressed in this document then we would like you to reach out to us over email and in which case the email correspondence will serve as the legal document for any future dispute along with this privacy policy.

For more details, please feel free to contact us.

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Last updated on: 16 December, 2020